Contact Information while Kojin is in Burma


I will leave for Burma in one week. There is still some time to ask to
have tea with me before I go.

I will foreseeably be in Burma for a year or more, primarily at the Sitagu
International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing Hills near Mandalay,
a small monastic college. Unfortunately there is no international
postal service to/from Burma! However, I will be using the email
account, below and will be posting to the blog below:


Many people have asked if they can make contributions. In fact I’m
quite overwhelmed by people’s expressions of generosity. My livelihood
after March 6 will depend entirely on people asking that question.

My personal needs will be small while I am in Burma, barring an
emergency. I will be fed by the good laypeople of Burma and will have
free medical care (not up to Western standards). An AZC sangha member
will purchase my new robes and alms bowl, and feed the monks at the
Academy on the day I reordain to boot. I will never own much. I will
have some future needs when I return to Austin and am living at Sitagu
Vihara (Burmese temple).

I may have an impersonal need, for a project, however. I will probably
be teaching English as a Second Language while at the International
Academy in Burma and I understand that they do not have adequate
textbooks. I would also like to review the English-language part of
their library, which I understand does not have many Western volumes,
because the cost is prohibitive. I would like to be able to have books
purchased and shipped to Burma depending on needs. The abbot at Sitagu
Vihara knows how to get books over there. I think Burmese monks’
education in English would be a very worthwhile thing for people over
here to support, as many of them would like to teach the Dhamma in the

Gwyn (Gwyndows) Waterfield will act as my steward (kappiya in Pali),
that is she will coordinate donations for me. Please contact her if
you would like to make a donation. You may either donate directly
(checks may be written to John Dinsmore), or pledge contingently
(e.g., “If Kojin needs anything I’ll donate up to $200”). You may also
earmark your donation (e.g., “If Kojin needs to buy books, I’ll donate
up to $100″). For contingent donations please indicate a time frame.
(The Vinaya specifies that if someone makes an offer without a time
frame like, “If you need something, just let me know,” then by default
the offer is good for four months. Bhikkhus are not supposed to
initiate a request.)

Please, a donation to me or my projects should not be in lieu of a
donating to the Austin Zen Center. Austin Zen Center needs your full
support in this time of transition.

Here is Gwyn’s contact information:

Gwyn Waterfield
2900 W. Anderson Ln. C-200
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 576-3597 (cell)
(512) 444-1954 (office)

In the Dharma,

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