Interview in the Austin American Statesman

When I visited with Venerable Cintita recently, I was eager to hear about his experience in Myanmar where he was ordained as a bhikkhu, or monk, last year. I’d known Cintita for years as Kojin, a priest … (more)

4 Responses to “Interview in the Austin American Statesman”

  1. Deb Mc Says:

    I am a neo….I am glad to find your blog, I live west of Austin and have traveled in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. I want to learn more about THERAVADA Buddhism but have not found any teachers. I hope to learn from you, thank you for your blog. Deb Mc


    • bhikkhucintita Says:

      Deb, My home base for now is the Sitagu Buddhist Vihara ( on the SW side of Austin. Why don’t you come out and chat sometime? I am spending a lot of time in Minnesota, where I am now. However I am coming down to Austin on Thursday and will be there til May 10, then back to MN til June. Also, there is a Water Festival at the Vihara this Saturday on May 1, 10am-4pm, which you are welcome to join. It is very lively, like being back in Burma. It is a potluck. Just show up. This will not be as good for talking 1-on-1, but we can make contact there. – Cintita


  2. Deb Mc Says:

    I will not be able to make the May 1st event, I did see it on the schedule. I will watch the schedule or this web site for other opportunities to come over and learn.


    • bhikkhucintita Says:

      Deb, The May 1 event at Sitagu is not Buddha Day, but the Burmese New Year, observed a little late. I don’t know if there is a Buddha Day (Visak) this year at Sitagu in Austin; I have been out of the loop up here in Minnesota.


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