From Thought to Destiny: the eBook

From Thought to Destiny

Traditional and Modern Understandings of Kamma

click to download PDF

3 Responses to “From Thought to Destiny: the eBook”

  1. bhikkhucintita Says:

    Oops. There were five pages missing in the original pdf download of From Thought to Destiny. That is now corrected. Just click on the link above to get the corrected download. The missing pages are the end of the chapter on Nibbana.


  2. Terasi Says:

    Dear Bhante, I have been away for a while, before that I was painstakingly copy-pasting the entries, but now it’s available as a nice pdf. Thank you very much.

    But I also like the little pictures you have alongside the texts, they are insteresting and sometimes help understanding the text. If they are not copy-righted, maybe you can consider including the pictures in your next book?


  3. bhikkhucintita Says:

    Terasi, Welcome back. Thank you for the feedback about the pictures. I enjoy inserting the pictures after I write a post. I just google some keywords and often come up with interesting results. For the eBook I decided not to include the pictures, both for copyright reasons and because I was under a deadline to prepare the eBook as a supporting text for a class I was about to teach. I hope to produce a couple more drafts of the eBook, then publish it. I have thought of working with an artist or photographer, hopefully one with a good sense of humor, in this process. That is what I did in the Posture of Practice and No Gaining No Knowing essays on this site (index above) a couple of years ago.


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