Uposatha Day Teachings Going on Vacation

I have been posting Uposatha Day teachings weekly for almost a year and a half on this blog. I have decided at least temporarily to suspend this schedule. The primary reason is not to take a break from writing, but to put more energy into reworking and consolidating much of what I have written, which does not lend itself to producing weekly results.

However, if there is someone out there who has become addicted to my Uposatha Day postings and cannot manage without a weekly Dhamma fix from this particular pusher, please let me know. Maybe I can work something out, for instance, by posting reruns.

I intend to continue make frequent postings to this blog, just irregularly. I will continue to post episodes in the series “Through the Looking Glass: How I Became a Buddhist Monk.” I will also post anything I am reworking when it has settled back into a readable form. Some material will appear eventully as ebooks. I will probably also post some independent essays when I am so inspired. If anyone would like to post questions to my blog I will try to respond to them there.

If this literary output interests you I invite you to subscribe to my blog so that you will get email announcements when something new is posted. I also invite you to explore the contents of my Web site for old blog postings and other essays and, as of now, one ebook, “From Thought to Destiny.”

I am gratified that my weekly postings have been so well read and well received. I thank Michael Rickicki for discovering my blog at some point and starting to repost it to the Uposatha Day Observance Club on Facebook, and to many others who have posted links to it.



One Response to “Uposatha Day Teachings Going on Vacation”

  1. Aparna Pallavi Says:

    Dear Bhante,

    Though I am addicted to the weekly dharma fix as you put it, I can understand your need to put a stop to the pressure of the weekly production. I discovered your blog only this year, and every time I read an uposatha day teaching, I wondered how long you can go on, producing such nutrition-dense articles at the rate of one a week.

    But I suppose there is stull so much to look forward to on this blog — the articles in preparation in the various series, the biography….. I suppose there will still be plenty of reasons to return to this blog even if the teachings are not there…..


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