Cintita-Related Resources

Readers of this blog, especially anyone living in Austin, might be interested in the following.

Blog: News from the Dhamma Ceti Library. The Dhamma Ceti Library is being established at the Sitagu monastery in Austin (I am the librarian). I intend to post book reviews here, things you might want to read or to avoid, primarily in the way of Buddhist books. Read a good book lately? I also invite others to submit reviews.

Blog: News from Sitagu Austin. If you live in Austin, this is a must for updates on events at the monastery and other developments. If you are in the area come visit the Vihara and bring the kids. The pagoda under construction is amazing.

Event: Dhamma Discussion Group in Austin. I will be leading this group Sunday afternoons, 2 – 4 pm, starting February 26, at 2501B Trailside Dr., Austin, off Robert E. Lee near Zilker Park. This will largely be informed by the Suttas, that is, the common heritage of all Buddhism.

Email me at bhikkhu dot cintita at gee-mail dot com for any questions. Thank you.

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  1. Kim Mosley Says:

    Exciting news!


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