Robe Offering

Uposatha Day, New Moon, August 17, 2012

It’s been a busy week in Texas. Two weeks ago, after the full moon, we began our Rains Retreat. I have set a daily schedule that looks something like this:

4:30 – Arise, coffee up and memorize Pali words

5:30 – Meditation

6:30 – Breakfast

7:00 – Break, study Pali or whatever seems pressing

8:00 – Sweep, clean the bath house

9:00 – Pali, other chores

10:30 – Meditation

11:30 – Lunch

12:00 – Break, Study, Write, chores (sometimes nap)

2:00 – Meditation

3:00 – Break, Study, Write, correspond (by this time its generally too hot for chores)

7:00 – Meditation

8:00 – Group Chanting

9:00 – Catch up on news, write this blog, read, etc.

If something else comes up I simply drop part of the schedule to attend to that. As many know we are involved in a massive construction project at the monastery. I often get called in to perform different tasks. A couple of days it was negotiating with Time/Warner to get our internet access moved to a different building. Today I spent the morning with 9 volunteers moving all of our books into our new library building. Sometimes I have visitors.

Last weekend and this coming weekend the abbot and I travel to far flung regions of Texas in order to be offered robes. In the Burmese tradition lay people come to the monastery at the beginning of Rains to offer robes. About 100 people came to Sitagu Buddha Vihara to offer robes to two monks (I actually kept one because my old robes are getting pretty worn). However much of our greater  community seems to have been flung a bit too far in the big state of Texas, so we are traveling to them so that they have the opportunity to offer robes as well. Last weekend we traveled two days to Wichita Falls and back, staying at a Vietnamese monastery near Dallas that we know well. Next weekend we will travel 300 miles each way to some destination in East Texas. Receiving requires great effort!



5 Responses to “Robe Offering”

  1. Kim Mosley Says:

    funny… there was a video add on this page with gambling for deodorant. It said, “don’t sweat it.”


  2. bhikkhucintita Says:

    I can never see the advertisements attached to my blog from here. Are they too obnoxious?


  3. Jim Mitchell Says:

    I really like reading this. Thank you for sharing (the ads are fine, IMHO, but they do offer an interesting juxtaposition 🙂 )


  4. Randy Says:

    The last ad was for an imaginative way to use an empty bottle, focused first on how children use imagination to make things out of… things. Much as one might imagine all things to be made of no-thing (imagination). It ended with a pitch for recycling. Not a bad ad for this site? Most I have seen are just ads…and they are videos one can choose to not ‘click on’.


  5. bhikkhucintita Says:

    OK. I’ve had it with advertising! I’ve arranged (at a slight cost) to turn the ads off. Let me know if they are still appearing. Apparently people who are logged into WordPress do not see other WordPress ads, so I was pretty much in the dark about what WordPress ads looked like. I now recall though that I visited my own site once using someone else’s computer and was surprised to see a rather glaring ad.


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