Call for Blurbs

I am finally, after five years, ready to seek a publisher for Through the Looking-Glass: An American Buddhist Life, available for download here on this site. I am gratified that many of you have read this text or one of the various early drafts and have provided favorable feedback, everything from “It’s a real page-turner” to “It sure has, uh, a lot of pages.”

KymDad1983I am looking for a few distinguished people who are reasonably familiar with this text to write a blurb, much like one finds on the back cover of a book. I don’t expect any readers of my blog to be arbitrary people, but by distinguished I suppose one of the following is meant in this context:

  • The Dalai Lama,
  • Other Monastics or Buddhist teachers,
  • Scholars,
  • Authors or journalists.

If you would like to submit a blurb, I would like to have them by about September 17 (one week’s time).

One Response to “Call for Blurbs”

  1. Piotr Says:

    The Dalai Lama — ha, ha!


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