“A Culture of Awakening” Book is available in hardcopy

My book, A Culture of Awakening: the life and times of the Buddha-Sasana is available at Lulu.com for a nominal printing cost ($4.29) plus postage.

CoverFinalBlurb. The Buddha-Sasana is the living Dharma, that is, Buddhism in its personal, cultural, social and historical dimensions. This rather unique book lays bare the inner life of the Buddha-Sasana to reveal why Buddhism has proved so adaptable to cultural influences yet so faithful to the Buddha’s original message, tracing these factors to the time-honored role of the monastic order. Significantly, it explores the condition of the Buddha-Sasana as it is taking root in the West.

Please go HERE to order. We will make some copies available in Austin for free distribution.

You will notice that my autobiography, Through the Looking Glass, is also available for order on this page. It will undergo some proof editing during the next weeks, so this should be regarded as a prepublication version.

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