Announcing Through the Looking Glass: the book

LookingGlassCover6rgb72ppiThe completed published version of Through the Looking-Glass: an American Buddhist Life by Bhikkhu Cintita is now available, either for free download or through a printer at nominal cost. Please go here for more information.

As previously announced, the book A Culture of Awakening: the Life and Times of the Buddha-Sasana is similarly available. Please go here for more information.

The author’s (my) page at, where either book can be obtained in hardcopy is here.

Free distribution copies of this will also be available at the Sitagu Buddha Vihara in Austin, Texas USA.

3 Responses to “Announcing Through the Looking Glass: the book”

  1. kimmosley Says:

    Bhante, the book looks good and I look forward toward reading it.

    Just so you know, It is Lewis Carroll… not Lewis Carrol.

    Also, if you have a higher resolution version of the cover, it can be inserted into the .pdf. If you need help with that, let me know.


    PS Thanks for all the teachings. I think often of what the Buddha said…


  2. Evan R. Murphy Says:

    Congratulations on the book launch!


  3. resa Says:


    I have just learned of the Sitagu Center and your association with them. I would like to find a teacher. My former teacher, Larry Rosenberg is the founder of CIMC (Cambridge Insight Meditation Ctr). I have been in Austin for a decade and have recently recommitted myself, (as of 6/2012) to my once diligent practice.
    I have been sitting w/ the Shambhala Sangha a couple times a weeks and have a daily 45 min. concentration/vipassanna practice at home.
    Please let me hear when I could visit your center and meet with you.

    Sincerely, Resa Pratt, 512 348 1260
    903 Sweetwater River Dr., 78748


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