Book: With Needle and Thread

essays in early Buddhism

needleAndThreadCoverThis volume presents a set of essays, each of which is intended to put a few stitches in what the author regards as a common traditional or modern mis­understanding of an important point of Dhamma, or (in the case of the first es­say) Vinaya. In each case it advances an alternative interpretation, at least as a way of encouraging further discussion. Of the six essays in this volume, the first concerns the role of women in the Buddhist community, the second con­cerns issues of faith and belief, the third a seemingly small doctrinal point that has led, I maintain, to great misunderstanding of a significant portion of early Dhamma, and the final three with aspects of meditation: mindfulness (sati) and concentration (samadhi).

pdficonThe book can now be downloaded as a pdf  HERE. Copyright restrictions are under Creative Commons.


256px-A_needle_with_threadPrint copies are available for the cost of printing HERE, or will be available for free in the Sitagu Buddha Vihara library.



2 Responses to “Book: With Needle and Thread”

  1. Gilles Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing Dhamma.
    With metta.


  2. Samana Johann Says:

    May Bhante have a pleasing and insightful 70thies birth-reminder day and may also many of his disciple make use of the occasion for paying respect and gratitue.


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