Book: With Needle and Thread

essays in early Buddhism

needleAndThreadCoverThis volume presents a set of essays, each of which is intended to put a few stitches in what the author regards as a common traditional or modern mis­understanding of an important point of Dhamma, or (in the case of the first es­say) Vinaya. In each case it advances an alternative interpretation, at least as a way of encouraging further discussion. Of the six essays in this volume, the first concerns the role of women in the Buddhist community, the second con­cerns issues of faith and belief, the third a seemingly small doctrinal point that has led, I maintain, to great misunderstanding of a significant portion of early Dhamma, and the final three with aspects of meditation: mindfulness (sati) and concentration (samadhi).

The book can now be downloaded in various formats:


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4 Responses to “Book: With Needle and Thread”

  1. Gilles Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing Dhamma.
    With metta.


  2. Samana Johann Says:

    May Bhante have a pleasing and insightful 70thies birth-reminder day and may also many of his disciple make use of the occasion for paying respect and gratitue.


  3. Rick Says:

    I found the essay on Sati and Memory very interesting. Since many of the meditation centers that teach vipsassanna meditation rely heavilty on the Sati-Phattanna Sutta for their inspiration, it would be interesting to read your translation of this Sutta using memory instead of mindfulness as the translation for Sati. Would you consider translating the Sati-Phattanna Sutta with this in mind? I think it would prove most interesting.


    • bhikkhucintita Says:

      Rick, You can do this yourself! Actually in most contexts “recollection” works better than “memory” because it is more specific to practice situations. Simply take your favourite translation of SP and replace each instance of “mindfulness” with “recollection,” and “mindful” with “recollective.” You should find it gives a different perspective that what you are used to.


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