Dependent Co-arising Project

coarisingcovervt6For the last several years, I have been working on a project to better understand and clearly present perhaps the Buddha’s most profound and comprehensive teaching, that of dependent co-arising, identified by the Buddha with the Dhamma itself. Several years ago, I used to post a new essay each week to this blog. Since then I have undertaken a series of bigger projects, producing a few books, which can be found under “books” on this site. I apologize for neglecting my readership.

In any case, I am ready to announce some results of this project:

  • I am distributing a polished draft of the book whose cover appears to the left. Click on the image to download a copy as pdf.
  • I have begin a series of weekly podcasts, starting January 22, based on this text are found HERE.

I invite you make make use of these resources. Any feedback or discussion is welcome.



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6 Responses to “Dependent Co-arising Project”

  1. dhammadhatu Says:

    Dependent Co-arising is for puthujjana to fondle with

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    • bhikkhucintita Says:

      “It’s amazing, lord, it’s astounding, how deep this dependent co-aris­ing is, and how deep its appearance, and yet to me it seems as clear as clear can be.”
      “Don’t say that, Ānanda. Don’t say that. Deep is this dependent co-arising, and deep its appearance. It’s because of not understanding and not penetrating this Dhamma that this generation is like a tangled snarl, a knotted ball of string, like matted rushes and reeds, and does not go beyond transmigration, beyond the planes of deprivation, woe, and bad destinations.” (DN 15 ii55)

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  2. Kevin Klauber Says:

    Thank you so much. I would love to visit when it is COVID safe.

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  3. Rick Says:

    When will this book be available in print? Thank you.

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