Audio: What did the Buddha think of women?

I have been quietly reposting my podcast to this site since the beginning of COVID on THIS PAGE. I thought I would start highlighting some of these posts for the sake of my blog subscribers, starting with:

What did the Buddha think of women


Buddhism is widely known throughout the world as a religion of peace and kindness. It is  less known as a religion of gender-equality. Yet that the Buddha would harbor the slightest bit of ill-will toward women, flies in the face of the complete awakening of the Buddha. These talks are based on an essay found HERE.

Part two. Last week’s talk demonstrated the exemplary support the Buddha provided to women’s practice. This week we will look at a controversial text, describing with the origin of the nun’s sangha, that at first sight seems to paint a starkly contrasting picture of the Buddha.

Part one. Buddhism is not widely known as a religion of gender-equality. But the early the discourses show repeatedly that the Buddha had the deepest kindness and respect for women, as particularly evident in his treatment of the nun’s Sangha.

more of BC’s talks

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