Blog Serials, Bhikkhu Cintita

file_html“What is Believable?” (2015). This is a six-part series on coming to terms with Buddhist teaching, particularly where it seems to conflict with common modern predilections. It relates to issues in faith and reason, Secular Buddhism, Buddhism and science and modern attitudes about religiosity.

file_html“Buddha’s Meditaton and its Variants” (2011). A daunting plethora of modern Buddhist meditation techniques has proved itself a source of bewilderment, doubt and contention.

file_html“The Art of Lay Life” (2011). The Buddha and his closest disciples were monastics and that most of his teachings were given to monastics. So, what is it that makes Lay Practice different from Monastic Practice?

file_html“The Potter and the Noble Eightfold Path” (2010). The intention is to present each of the eight folds in a very relevant practice-oriented way, and also to show how all of the folds dovetail to achieve the perfection of the human character.


One Response to “Blog Serials, Bhikkhu Cintita”

  1. Yick Keng Hang Says:

    I find your articles very insightful!


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