Buddhism with the monks and nuns

Daily, 4:00 – 5:00pm Central (Texas/Chicago) Time, August 3 – October 31, 2020.

We are offering a daily class introducing Theravada Buddhism for our junior monks and nuns during the monastic rains retreat (vassa). All are welcome to attend on-line through Zoom. Each class is taught in English by Ashin Ariyadhamma from Saturday through Tuesday and by Ashin Cintita from Wednesday through Friday . You can go to zoom.us to create a free Zoom account.

Join Zoom Buddhism class:
Meeting ID: 878 2007 1455 Passcode: 770993

As a bonus, you join us for our evening chanting Mondays through Saturdays, 8:00 – 8:40pm Central (Texas/Chicago) Time over the same period.

Join Zoom chanting:
Meeting ID: 871 6931 1326 Passcode: 228721

Resources for Ashin Ariyadhamma’s classes


Resources for Ashin Cintita’s classes

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