Bhikkhu Cintita’s Classes and Workshops


Buddhist curriculum. A broad program of Buddhist study and practice for mastering the Buddha’s Way.

Buddhism with the monks and nuns. Classes primarily for junior monks and nuns residing at SBV, but also available on-line for lay folks.

Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path. This is a 12-week beginners’ course, often offered as two 6-week courses – Buddhist Life (focusing on values, ethics and community) and Buddhist Path (focusing on higher training, including meditation) – that can be taken in either sequence. The full course in generally offered twice a year on Sunday afternoons. The emphasis is on early (pre-sectarian) Buddhism.

Children’s Classes. These teach Buddhist conduct, ethics, generosity, respect, rituals and chanting, and fundamental teachings of Buddhism (Dhamma) to middle-aged children. These classes are in English (the other monks offer classes in Burmese), primarily attended by Burmese children, but all children are welcome.

Early Buddhism (Sutta) Discussion Group. This group, open by invitation, or two those who have completed Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path, is an informal discussion, focused on topics chosen each week, but typically on reading particular discourses of the Buddha.

Empathy. This class is on conflict resolution and maintaining harmony, emphasizing the role of empathy, with some discussion of NVC.

Meditation and Discussion. This is a weekly meeting primarily for those new to, or renewing, Buddhist practice.

Mindfulness; where Dharma meets practice. This is a 5-week intro to Buddhism centered around the theme of mindfulness.

Pali. This is informal instruction in the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism and the original language of the suttas.

Sekha Group: refuge and ongoing guidance. These are weekly meetings as part of a program of study, practice and community involvement for serious practitioners who have taken refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Vinaya. The Vinaya is the traditional monastic code, dating from the time of the Buddha. Bhante Cintita teaches Vinaya opportunistically depending on demand, generally for anyone contemplating or intending monastic ordination, though anyone is welcome to participate.

Buddhism for New Monks and Nuns. SBV frequently offers temporary ordination, most commonly teenage boys according to Burmese tradition, after which monastics live at the monastery for one week. In addition to regular meditation sessions, monastics take classes on Buddhist topics.

Workshops, Seminars and Retreats

The Twelve Links of Dependent Co-Arising. Dependent co-arising (paticca-samuppada) is an entrance into an understanding (1) of the nature of the human dilemma, that is, how we have man­aged to get ourselves so ensnarled in samsaric exis­tence, and, at the same time, (2) of the resolu­tion of that dilemma, that is, how we can disentangle ourselves to achieve final liberation. This is a weekend retreat.

Please visit the Sitagu Buddha Vihara schedule page or contact Bhante Cintita about upcoming classes. If there is a course you would like to see offered (Pali?, history of Buddhism?, etc.), please feel free to make suggestions.

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  1. Ishan Says:

    Thanks Sir, for this website !! Your free eBook (Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path) is really helpful…


  2. Weekly QandA and the works of Bhikkhu Cintita – Buddhist Social Says:

    […] also has many excellent well written dhamma resources inlcuding a blog, a podcast, online course materials, and books. All teachings are free to access as a gift of the […]


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