Kids’ Programs

Kids’ Sunday School

Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Sundays 10-11 am, Junior level, ages 4-12, Senior level, ages 13-17.

We offer these classes to impart Buddhist values, understandings and conduct to the younger generation. Kids will learn ethics, generosity, respect, the basic rituals and chanting, and the fundamental teachings of Buddhism (Dhamma) through short teachings, discussions, stories, meditation, activities and performance.

Classes are in English. Burmese kids, American kids, kids of all ethnicities are welcome. We hope to arrange for carpools from Austin and for parallel activities for adults. Kids and parents are encouraged to stay for lunch after the food offering to the monastics at 11:15. Let other parents know about this offering, bring a neighbor kid or two (we respect all faiths).


Secret page for teachers

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