Sutta/Early Buddhism Discussion Group

BaganBannerWe are a group of people interested in learning more about Early Buddhism (what, as far as is discernable, what the Buddha taught) as revealed in the Pali discourse collections (suttas, nikayas) and related texts. Participation in the Sutta Discussion Group is by invitation or after completing the Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path sequence. Please talk to Bhante Cintita (facilitator).

Place: Sitagu Buddha Vihara in Austin Texas, USA.

Time: 3:00 – 3:30 Sunday afternoons.

  • 3:00 meditation in Dhamma Hall (or, alternatively, in the pagoda).
  • 3:45 discussion in Dining Hall (or, alternatively, in the library).

General Links

Record of ancient meetings (click for topics, audios, handouts, etc.)

Record of recent meetings



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