Mindfulness: where Dharma meets practice

Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, TX, in the dining hall

1. Living in mindfulness – October 27
2. Living in virtue – November 3
3. Living in vow – November 17
4. Living in wisdom – November 24
5. Living in the midst – December 8


This is a introductory 5-week course in Buddhism. It provides an overview of Buddhism based on the earliest sources and highlighting the role of mindfulness in every aspect of Buddhist practice. This is Buddhism as far as can be discerned as the Buddha taught it and before the development of distinct sects and schools, such as Zen, Tibetan and Theravadin. This course follows Bhikkhu Cintita’s textbook Living in the Dharma: mindfulness in the Buddhist way of life.

1. Living in mindfulness
2. Living in virtue
3. Living in vow
4. Living in wisdom
5. Living in the midst

This is a beginning course with no prerequisites. It is offered at no charge since the Dharma is really priceless. This course covers much of the same content as the more detailed 12-week Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path, which will be offered again in the future. Mindful can be a refresher for Life, or Life can be an advanced follow-up to Mindful. A textbook for this class is in preparation.

Find the date of the next course offering and register HERE.

Textbooks will be available the first day of class. In the meantime, they can be found HERE.

Audios and slides

Talk 1, Living in mindfulness

Talk 2, Living in virtue

Talk 3, Living in vow

Talk 4, Living in wisdom

Talk 5, Living in the midst

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