Teacher of the Moon

The Life and Times of Sitagu Sayadaw

Compiled by Bhikkhu Cinita Dinsmore and Dr. Tin Nyunt

Notice that the current draft is not authorize and may contain factual errors. Please do not distribute this further without permission.


  • January 30, initial self-published draft book ordered
  • February 13, final self-published draft book ordered
  • February 27, self-published draft book in hand for presentation
  • March 12, Sitagu Sayadaw’s 80th Birthday, presentation of draft book
  • December 31, completion of book to be presented to publisher

Corrections, comments, critiques and additional content are all welcome insofar as they may improve the final version. Please email these, in English, to ashin.cintita@sitagutx.org. Please refer to page and paragraph number, or at least chapter heading, where possible. For additional content, we are looking for interesting anecdotes, or significant events or activities that have been omitted.

Changes received before the middle of February may be reflected in the February 27 draft. Otherwise we would appreciate it if changes could be submitted as early as possible in 2017 to be reflected in the final book.

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