12 Links of Dependent Co-Arising

An Advanced Buddhist Workshop
American Bodhi Center, Hempstead, TX
February 10-12, 2017 (7pm Fri – 5pm Sun)
Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore

” Whoever sees dependent co-arising sees the Dhamma;
Whoever sees the Dhamma sees dependent co-arising. ”
– The Buddha, MN 28

buddhaNo other of the major teach­ings – neither the four noble truths, nor the five aggre­gates, nor the six sense spheres – provides such a comprehensive understanding of human mind as the chain of de­pendent co-arising. Dependent co-arising (paticca-samuppada) is an entrance into an understanding (1) of the nature of the human dilemma, that is, how we have man­aged to get ourselves so ensnarled in samsaric exis­tence, and, at the same time, (2) of the resolu­tion of that dilemma, that is, how we can disentangle ourselves to achieve final liberation. Unfortunately, this profound and often misinterpreted teaching is generally poorly understood by most Buddhists.

This workshop will consist of periods of lecture, casual group discussion and meditation and will provide time for exploring the beautiful 500-acre grounds of the American Bodhi Center. Lodging and meals will be provided. The workshop presupposes significant familiarity, even if puzzled, with fundamental Buddhist teachings on the part of participants. Teachers of Dharma are particularly encouraged to attend.

NewlyOldBhikkhu Cintita is an American-born Burmese-or­dained Buddhist monk. In  his  younger  days he  was  a  successful scholar  of linguistics,  cognitive  science  and  artificial  intelligence,  a  professor,  an  inept businessman and a corporate researcher and developer. He dropped out of his professional life to become a Soto Zen priest for some years, before entering fully into monastic life. He stud­ies, meditates, teaches, writes and sweeps leaves at the Sitagu Buddha Vihara in Austin.


American Bodhi Center
29123 Mellman Road
Hempstead, TX  77445

Bhikkhu Cintita’s email: ashin.cintita@sitagutx.org



Please submit the first page of this registration form via email or mail to Jade Buddha Temple 6969 Westbranch Drive Houston, TX 77072-2163, att. Barbara Homann, jadebuddhatx@gmail.com. Applications must be received by February 3. The consent and conduct forms  include information on what to bring and can be filled out upon arrival. Please contact Bhante Cintita if you have any questions. There is no cost for this retreat, but donations to ABC are welcome (in fact necessary from someone if not from you).


6:00 – 7:00pm, Arrival and check-in

5:00pm, End, departure

Materials from the retreat


Screen presentation


General Resources

  • Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Great Discourse on Causation.
  • Bhante C.’s writings on this topic:
    • Handouts: chart, quotes.
    • Chapters 8 and 11 on “Disentangling the Mind,” in Bhikkhu Cintita’s book Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path.
    • Bhikkhu Cintita’s essay on “Name and Form” found HERE (includes many references).
    • Forum threads about this essay HERE and HERE.
  • Bhikkhu Nyanananda’s publications found here.

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