Life in the Dusty World

The emphasis in Buddhist practice is on developing virtuous qualities of mind, compassion, wisdom, loving-kindness, equanimity, renunciation.  These are skills that develop from our encounter with the world in all of its samsaric conditions, and that in turn enable us to negotiate that world beneficially.  That world is partially a world of our own choice; we for instance choose to be a householder or a homeleaver. That world is partially a product of nature and of human history; it has many aspects, for instance, that are characteristic of modern times, such as the Global Economy, Global Warming, and Globe Trotting. Negotiating this world involves personal decision and this is where the rubber of Buddhist practice meets the road. That is the topic of this section, How does one live a life of benefit?

Bhikkhu Cintita’s Essays

  • The Judgmental Mind (in preparation)
  • The Life of Vow. (in preparation)
  • The Origin of Violence (in preparation)
  • Personal Responsibility.  (in preparation)
  • Voluntary Simplicity and Buddhist Economics. (in preparation)
  • The Buddha’s Advice for Laypeople. (in preparation)
  • Bearing Witness. (in preparation)


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