Topics in the Dharma

The essays linked here represent a Westerner’s (mine) understanding of the Dharma. Whereas it is important that traditional understandings and certainly the Buddha’s intent be preserved, I see value in the fresh and critical eye Westerner’s will view the traditional teachings. In many cases there will be a lot of weeding out of various unnecessary of misleading accretions, in other reexamination of unquestioned assumptions. At the same time I believe it is important not to tinker with the traditional teachings through a naive imposition of Western preconceptions. In many of my essays I also seek new ways and fresh metaphors to improve the Western understanding of the Dharma. I have also included a number of links I find valuable in my own Buddhist Studies, that I hope you will find valuable in yours.

Bhikkhu Cintita’s Essays

  • How to Read the Suttas. The search for authenticity.  (in preparation)
  • Vipassana and Shikantaza (in preparation)
  • “It’s the Mind Ringing.” Explorations in the nonduality of suchness. (in preparation)

Audio Dhamma Talks

Links for Buddhist Studies.

  • Access to Insight. Theravada Site with many translations of, and essays about Sittas and Vinaya.
  • BuddhaNet. Buddhist Information and Education Network, very comprehensive for all schools of Buddhism.
  • A Collection of Practical Theravada essays mostly by monks and nuns, both Asian and Western.

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