Buddha’s Meditation and its Variants

The daunting plethora of modern Buddhist meditation techniques has proved itself a source of bewilderment, doubt and contention. As a result meditators bandy about many terms, like “mindfulness,” “insight,” and “jhana” with little agreement on what these mean, and with much uncertainty about the relative merits of alternative techniques or doubts about the viability of their own chosen practices. In spite of this, the Buddha actually gave some us some very clear instructions about meditation, available to us today in the Pali Suttas and in the Chinese Agamas. This series of posts considers, first, the Buddha’s meditation and its unique characteristics, and, second, its later variants and how these came to differ from their origins.

… to be continued with a new posting each Uposatha Day.

One Response to “Buddha’s Meditation and its Variants”

  1. La meditazione del Buddha e le sue varianti (I): Introduzione – Cintita Dinsmore « Lokanātha Says:

    […] Dato che la mia conoscenza della scoraggiante pletora in tutta la sua estensione è limitata, incoraggio altri che conoscano tecniche che esulino da quanto mi è familiare ad applicare anche ad esse l’esercizio di cui darò qui un esempio. Mi aspetto che troveremo che quasi ogni tecnica preserva lo scopo originale del Buddha. [Continua] Sommario originale […]


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