Current Activities and Projects

See Contact Page for places mentioned below, and Schedule Page for particular events or current residence.

Resident monk. Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, TX. Available on site for meditation  instruction, offering of lay Precepts, counseling and Dhammic discussions. I also maintain the Web site, serve as librarian, guide tours and sweep. Come visit and participate in the activities and programs of the Vihara, or view the pagoda.

Teaching. I teach primarily from the discourses of the Buddha and have a strong background in the Zen and Theravada traditions, and a particular interest in encouraging practice among Western Buddhists, inspiring some to take up monastic practice especially among Westerners and teaching Buddhism to children. I currently lead a discussion group in town called Austin Buddhadharma.

Writing. I publish primarily at the site Through the Looking Glass in Buddhism, including a weekly blog post, and am currently (February, 2013) writing three books, currently available in draft form. I am always eager for feedback and editorial assistance with my writings.

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