Through the Looking-Glass

Or How I Became a Buddhist Monk

(work in progress)

Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore

© 2011, 2012, John Dinsmore (Bhikkhu Cintita)

This text, which describes from the beginning my path to monastic life, is appearing in serial form. Updates will be at random intervals, but will average, I expect, about two chapters per month, for a total of 16 chapters.

Click here for Pdf of Books One, Two  and Three (5/9/2012)

Books Three and Four are forthcoming



Book One: A Felicitous Rebirth


A Mind Turned Inward

G.I. Discipline

Reflections on Reality

Devoted Adept –

Book Two: The Young and the Samsaric


Good Friends



Poor Keepers

Download pdf of Books One and Two

Book Three: Zen Days


Life Choices – download pdf of Introduction and Life Choices

Dropping out at Last – download pdf

Priestcraft – download pdf (4/4/12)

The Zen Monk – download pdf (5/9/12)

Download Pdf of Books One, Two and Three

Book Four: Burmese Days


The Burmese Monk – download pdf (9/30/12)

Tales of Burme – download pdf (12/21/12)

Four Requisites of a Bhikkhu – download pdf (12/28/12)

The American Bhikkhu


2 Responses to “Through the Looking-Glass”

  1. Kim Mosley Says:

    GI Discipline beautifully written. This will be quite a wonderful book. Thx.


  2. Visakha Kawasaki Says:


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