Uposatha Day 11/13/12

I have been considering how best to proceed with my writing (you might have gotten a sense of that if you noticed that I sent no OopDay posting last week). I would like in the coming months to focus on what needs focusing on: a number of larger projects that I have in the works or could well have in the works that do not lend themselves to the format and rigor of the weekly essay. Among these are:

1. A new draft of my ebook From Thought to Destiny.

2. My autobiographical sketch Through the Looking Glass.

3. An essay, “What the Buddha Thought About Women,” reworked from my series on Folk Buddhism.

4. An ebook perhaps called Buddhist Religiosity or Buddhist Religiosity and Secular Buddhism, consolidated and rewritten from many of my other essays and covering such topics as faith, ritual, respect, devotion, bowing, Buddhist communities and institutions and traditional folk interpretations of Buddhism..

5. An essay on Zen meditation.

Accordingly I thought I would continue to post at least a greeting or news each OopDay and provide links to the results of other projects as they become available.

Sound reasonable?


7 Responses to “Uposatha Day 11/13/12”

  1. Rick Potts Says:

    Very reasonable. Always look forward to your writings no matter what the direction or content. So far….fantastic.


  2. Grover C Says:

    I echo what Rick said.


  3. Alan Says:


    I notice that you use the term “secular Buddhism” rather than “Buddhist modernism.” You may be familiar with a couple of thought-provoking and controversial articles on the secular Buddhism that appear here:


    The Higgins article actually draws a distinction between “Buddhist modernism” and “secular Buddhism.”


  4. Upāsaka Says:

    Thank you bhante!


  5. sgoodwi864 Says:

    i am ultra new here and i have read a couple of your earlier blogs. i agree and cant wait to read more. my schedule is eractic and only other word to describe it is probally “whatever”, but i try to catch up on stuf 2 to 3 tmes a week…i love what you’ve said soo far and cant wait to read more.
    your friend


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