No Gaining No Knowing (2008)

A discussion of a classical Zen koan.

“No Gaining No Knowing,” 2008, Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore

“The vast sky does not obstruct the floating white clouds.” (pdf)

One Response to “No Gaining No Knowing (2008)”

  1. don Says:

    In the lord of the rings there is a character called Tom Bombadil. Tom puts on the one ring that binds us all but he is not affected by the ring.

    It seems Tom does not have any notions or formed ideals of that reality.
    In other words Tom see neither bad or good in appearances. Therefore nothing in that world has any power over him.

    I was wondering when one sees something scary like cancer but would like to practice that neither good nor bad reaction where or how do they reach a reality in which to live?


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